《ON&OFF》是一档以新的视线展现即使是在忙碌的日常工作中,也与“社会的我”保持距离的明星们的节目。将展现摆脱繁忙的行程中的“社会的我”,以“个人的我”生活的出演者们的面貌。《ON& 详情




on 介词:(表示位置)在…上, 在…旁, 在…身边That book on the desk is an atlas.(表示时间)在…之时It occurred on the morning of the fifteenth.(表示方向)向, 往, 朝; 沿着, 顺着They marched on the enemy's fortress.(表示状态)系于, 悬于; 附于A picture hangs on the wall.(表示方式)乘, 坐, 骑She will leave on an early train.(表示对象)对, 对于, 碰在, 对…造成困难There is much to be said on both sides.(表示原因)由于, 因为The old worker retired on account of age.(表示比较)与…相比Today's weather is an improvement on yesterday's.(表示方位)在…方位The town stands on the left bank of the river.副词 adv.(放, 穿, 连接)上He has new shoes on.向前, (继续)下去She worked on quietly all night.off 介词prep.(表示位置)在…的外面, 在…的沿海The boat anchored off the fort.(表示时间)在…之前It is a few minutes off three o'clock.(表示方向)从…, 通向, 偏离, 从…离开He fell off the ladder.(表示比较)低于, 不及They are selling the bikes off the market price.(表示否定)不想, 不做He is off tea.他不想喝茶。(表示来源)从…He borrowed a pound off me.。(表示依附)依靠This bear feeds off the leaves of the tree.副词 adv.离开They drove off.脱落He's had his beard shaved off.断开The radio is off.光, 完His money was off yesterday.休息We are off one day.形容词 adj.休息的; 闲散的; 安静的The winter is an off season.This fish has gone off.这条鱼已不新鲜。不知道你要什么数据类型?希望对你有用。